Lost in the political ruckus, gun violence is still a huge problem

Week one of the Trump presidency is over. The newly elected president issued an astounding 13 executive orders and presidential memoranda, which inclu
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How the social network is destroying our social lives

Facebook has come a long way since its humble beginning in the dorm room of Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. Originally intended to be an online place
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Things We Do That Could Weaken Our Relationships

My friends and I at one time had a discussion on how you could know if the love relationship that you are in is bad enough so that you could leave it.
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Learn what you can do on Blogool

Blogool is a social blogging platform that allows you to find blogs of friends and interesting people within seconds. It's the easiest way to blo
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How to start writing your book

In today’s culture, it seems like everyone is writing. There are so many books out there written by people who are not even writers in their day job.
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Top 10 Players in the Premier League so far this season (2016/17)

After a very unexpected season last season, with Leicester City winning the Premier League and reigning champions Chelsea finishing 10th, the Premier
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How to Stretch Your Travel Budget to the Max

We all love to travel. It gives us such a thrill and it gives us a reason to see the exciting in the mundane, the extraordinary in everyday things and
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How to find VERY interesting posts on Blogool

Of course everyone has different interests and what is interesting for you might not be interesting for others. That’s why the first page on Blogool i
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