Mind Games: How Gaming Can Actually Raise Your Intelligence

Chances are, if you were born anytime between the 80s and the 2000s, you’ve paid your dues to the gods of video gaming. And it is equally likely that
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How to Protect Your Child from Being Bullied

Parents have an intrinsic nature always to prevent their children from any harm. But as our children grow we get less and fewer opportunities to prote
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How to Help Your Child Develop Positive Homework Habit

Some children view homework as a chore and your child might be one of them. Homework can be a challenging task for children at times and it may prove
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How to motivate your children to be successful

Children reflect on their parents, the good and bad traits. We all want our children to be model citizens in the society, but the struggle is motivati
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How to Become a Superstar Parent

We all have to agree that there is no exact guide book on parenting because our children are different, we are different, and even the environment is
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How to Motivate Your Child off The Couch for Healthy Lifestyle

In a world where everyone is striving to live a better life and live longer no one wants their kids to be couch potatoes. We have to admit not every c
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Pregnancy: Things No One Tells You

Pregnancy is one of the most impressive life journeys. You bring a little remix of yourself with small everything ad looking at them makes you shade h
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Real Insight on Homeschooling Vs Public Schooling

Schooling is one of the biggest decisions that parents have to make in their children’s lives. Whatever you decide will affect the child for the rest
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Things We Do That Could Weaken Our Relationships

My friends and I at one time had a discussion on how you could know if the love relationship that you are in is bad enough so that you could leave it.
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Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The best shot that we all have at defending our bodies from a variety of illnesses comes from indulging in simple and positive healthy habits. For ins
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Coal Mining In USA: Are We Killing Mother Nature?

Life is a cycle, and there are pillars that balance the power of nature. We give Mother Nature a gift and in return is rewards us with good and health
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Dealing With a Teenage Daughter with Low Self-Esteem

Is a child born with high or low self-esteem? It can be very depressing for a parent to know that their children do not tap their potential because of
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Things No One Tells You about Parenting

Parenting is one of the exciting journeys that we experience through our lives. Whether you are the biological parents or adoptive, parenting is the s
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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

What comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘SIDS’? Well, SIDS is short for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. What this only means the unexplained deat
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Top 6 Easy and Affordable Ways to Go Green Right Now!

Global warming is coming for us hard and fast. Many areas of the world are already experiencing signs of climate change, and scientists have given di
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Easy Ways to Boost Your Paycheck for the Summer

Making ends meet is hard work. And with the global economy still suffering, finding a job that pays all of the bills is more challenging than ever.
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Best All-Natural Beauty Hacks!

There’s an old saying that “beauty is pain”… and for many of us, that pain usually strikes right in our bank accounts. It’s generally accepted that t
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The Most Influential Women That History Forgot

Much of what we know of our world history has been dominated by male figures. Julius Caesar, Constantine, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington… anyo
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Tattoo Trends: The Most Popular Designs in Inked Culture

Tattoos have been a part of our societies for a very, very long time, but just like any other art form, our opinion of what’s cool or fashionable has
1458 views | 3 years ago

The Evolution of Tattooing Technology

Tattooing is one of our most ancient art forms. Marking our skin with ink has been a part of human culture for at least 5300 years or so, but we didn
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Deadly and Beautiful: Tattoos and Body Art of Ancient Warrior Cultures

Tattooing has been a part of human culture for just about as long as we’ve existed as a species. Archaeologists have found evidence of tattooed human
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The Evolution of Tattoos in Western Culture

Tattooing has always had kind of an edgy quality in Western culture. Though tattoos are becoming exponentially more commonplace, there is still the m
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Top 5 Feminist Characters in Modern Literature

The fight for equality between the sexes is at an all-time high. While classical literature had strong, attention-grabbing heroines like Elizabeth Be
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Best New YA Series After Finishing Divergent

It’s hard to find anyone who didn’t follow Veronica Roth’s explosively popular series, and like any great story, reaching the end left many of us with
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Top Books to Read for “Walking Dead” Fans

Few other series have worked- or maybe more accurately, stumbled and gnawed- their way into our hearts with the success that “The Walking Dead” has en
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Top 8 Books You Need to Read if You Loved Harry Potter

There are very few authors who have captured our love and imagination in the way that J.K. Rowling has with her incredibly popular Harry Potter series
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Best Tips for Your First Time Abroad!

Are you heading to an exotic hot spot for spring break? Maybe diving into a semester studying overseas during the summer? Or perhaps you’re just fin
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Depression

Depression is the most prevalent mental disorder worldwide, and yet it is still widely misunderstood. Many people still mistakenly believe that Depre
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Defeating Depression: Ten Things You Need to Know

Depression in the modern world is an epidemic. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 350 million adults are affected worldw
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