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A new way to listen to audio books with BookBeat. article cover

A new way to listen to audio books with BookBeat.

In 2015 Bonnier Books – one of Europe’s leading publishing companies – gathered a team of digital innovators and literature lovers to create a market
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Autism Myths and Misconceptions article cover

Autism Myths and Misconceptions

The aim of our blog is to educate and help just 1 person to support their child better. We hope to change perceptions of Autism and living with an inv
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Cycle 1 article cover

Cycle 1

We were originally given a tentative date of Monday 21 November to begin his first of six SMILE chemotherapy cycles, but the delay to Radiotherapy due
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Cancer and Malnutrition article cover

Cancer and Malnutrition

To coincide with national Nutrition and Hydration week, I thought it would good to share with you Ryan’s experience of malnutrition as a result of his
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1 in 3 Million article cover

1 in 3 Million

26 August 2016, we received the gut-wrenching news that haematology consultants at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff believed Ryan had a very rare
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