Lost in the political ruckus, gun violence is still a huge problem

Week one of the Trump presidency is over. The newly elected president issued an astounding 13 executive orders and presidential memoranda, which inclu
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7 brilliant tips for true coffee lovers

The coffee is one of the most popular drink in the world. The main reasons are its great taste and the fact that people use it as an apparent energy r
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6 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

As far as the teeth whitening, there is a huge variety of products within the market. However, most of these products contain the chemical bleaches, a
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6 Morning Habits That Will Make You Energized During the Day

If you feel drained during the day, you should not immediately blame the last night for this. Although the low-grade dream might be one of the main re
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Brain is created from bilogical cells and computer from metal

For many years now, we have seen how computers are challenging the abilities of the human brain and becoming more and more advance, but the human brai
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Would having cars that drive themselves be a good or bad idea?

Scientist and researchers have created cars that do not require a human being to be present in order to drive the car with the latest technological ad
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5 Foods you should not be eating if you want to lose weight

Weight loss is always a big challenge. You have to control your diet, along with proper exercise to shed all those excess fat. While controlling your
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Eat Less, or Eat Right?

“I need to start Dieting” – it is always the first question that comes to mind when you plans to lose a couple of pounds. “Ah! My dress doesn’t fit an
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5 common weight loss myths – Why they don’t work

“Weight loss methods” features among the “most searched topics” in Google or any other search engine. In today world, where everyone is leading a sede
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Thyroid – Your best friend or worst enemy?

Being physically attractive is one of the foremost concerns of today’s generation. Everyone wants a tall, thin and fit body. Being fat is not only unh
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Gut Microbes – Why do we need them and how do we keep them?

The human body is one of the most complicated machines, contains roughly 1013 cells. But do you know, our body is the habitat for 1014 microbes. Now t
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How sport helps to grow our character

I’ve been through a lot when it comes to sports. And I’m not talking about the things you see on the TV nowadays, nothing like that. I’m talking about
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Famous electronic games players

When it comes to being a fan of a game, a lot of it comes down to our favorite players, the all time greats or just your average guy who revolutionize
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Top 3 Biggest Competitive Computer Games

When it comes to competitive video gaming, there are a lot of different type of games that are being played, heck, even games as trivial as Super Mari
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A world of video gaming: what you need to know about eSports

You’ve probably heard of the term “eSports” by now and found yourself wondering just what the heck is all that about? Well, I’ve got some news for you
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What happened to cloning after Dolly?

Dolly the sheep, named after the singer Dolly Parton, when was the last time you heard of her? 20 years have passed since the sensational headlines of
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Driving the science fiction way: A self-driving car

The future has become the present! Cars that drive themselves is finally here. Once what looked like as science fiction, is now a reality. There was a
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Fighting tsunamis with sound waves

Tsunami, a powerful word which can evoke fear and chaos when heard. The sheer enormity and strength of the Tsunami is known to everyone. Destroying ev
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VR: Virtual reality is the future of gaming

Imagine you are in an ancient temple with an idol in front of you. You decide to take the idol and the moment you do it, 3 demon monkeys appear out of
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What I learned through 8 years of B-boying

If I told you that you can learn a lot from Hip-hop, you would probably think I’m lying. When people usually hear the word ‘Hip-Hop’, they automatical
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